Stretch Polyester Fabric

Please Ensure:
  • artwork includes a 1" bleed on all sides
  • all important elements are at least 2" from the edge
$12.00 per artwork

For applications that require a considerable amount of elasticity, stretch polyester fabric is the perfect solution. An excellent choice for stretchable table covers, pop-up displays, framed artwork and trade shows, this fabric is ultra soft and will not crease or fray. 

Substrate:  100% Polyester
Color:  Printed Full Color: Single Sided
Grommets & Hemming:  Select hemming if you want the edges to be turned over and sewn, and/or choose grommets if you want an easy solution to hang your artwork for display.
Standard Grommets:  Choose the layout you need in the dropdown menu and select the chrome, black or brass grommet color you desire.
Custom Grommets:  Enter the number of custom grommets you need in the Grommet Quantity field, select the grommet color in the dropdown menu and specify the layout you require in the Special Instructions field.
Reinforced Corners:  Add extra strength to the corners if there are grommets.
Pole Pockets:  Choose this option if you wish to hang your artwork from a pole assembly.
Webbing: Nylon webbing added to the hem that strengthens the banner and reinforces grommets from being torn out by nature elements such as high wind.

The stretch polyester fabric is a versitile material with a wide range of uses in home, interior and decorating.

Job Specifications

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