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Did you know that we have a wide variety of wholesale adhesive vinyl products available for you to offer your customers? We offer everything from anti-slip floor vinyl to window clings. These highly versatile products are available in a variety of sizes, for indoor or outdoor applications, and with permanent or removable / repositionable adhesives.

Our vinyl graphics are printed in attractive full color at an affordable price. We also have die cutting and weeding options available, if you need them.

Where will your customers use wholesale adhesive vinyl?

Popular uses include advertising grand openings, sales, and special promotions. Your customers can also use them to promote church events, conferences, conventions, exhibits, farmer's markets, presentations, special events, and tradeshows. Other important uses include anti-slip flooring applications, construction signage, and wayfinding.

The types of wholesale adhesive products we carry:

  • 3M™ 40C Controltac™ Print Film
    A highly versatile vinyl film that helps replace the need for multiple different types of film. This intermediate calendered film features a Comply™ air release adhesive as well as enhanced slideability, tack and snap-up to make installation simple.
  • Adhesive Vinyl
    Adhesive vinyl is an economical indoor/outdoor option. It's printed on 3.5 mil vinyl with a permanent adhesive. It is also available as an Anti-Slip Floor Vinyl.
  • Air Release Gloss Vinyl
    Full color, air release gloss vinyl printing, with optional die-cutting and weeding, make adhesive vinyl an economical and highly versatile choice to spread your message. Printed on 5 mil white vinyl film that is relocatable. It adheres well to glass or non-textured surfaces such as smooth walls. Great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • AlumiGraphics® GRIP
    Extremely durable under harsh weather conditions, AlumiGraphics® GRIP consists of a non-skid aluminum substrate and specially formulated adhesive that conforms to textured exterior surfaces.
  • AlumiGraphics® SMOOTH
    Applicable indoors or outdoors, AlumiGraphics® aluminum-based substrate allows the graphic to naturally conform to textured surfaces such as brick walls. No heat necessary, install by simply using rollers and fingers to work the material between the brick.
  • Brick Vinyl
    Brick vinyl will adhere to moderately-textured brick, concrete block, and stucco walls. It's printed on 2 mil vinyl.
  • Car Wrap Vinyl - 180
    Printed on 2 mil cast vinyl adhesive film, car wrap vinyl adds a splash of color to your vehicle and provides a versatile mobile solution to deliver your message.
  • Car Wrap Vinyl - 480
    Printed on 2 mil non-PVC adhesive film, the 480 series is a premium quality and high performance car wrap vinyl that adds an extremely noticable graphic to your vehicle and the advantage of displaying your message anywhere your vehicle goes.
  • Clear Vinyl
    Clear vinyl is typically used for transparent applications on flat surfaces like storefronts and vehicle windows. We use a clear permanent adhesive on 3 mil transparent vinyl. This durable product will last 4 years in outdoor applications.
  • Embossed Wall Vinyl
    Perfect for indoor applicatios, the GF 229 is a 6.0 mil embossed canvas pattern matte white semi rigid calendered vinyl film with an R10 slip rating.
  • Extra High Tac Vinyl
    Extra high tac vinyl is a 3.5 mil vinyl film with a permanent adhesive. It adheres well to smooth surfaces like glass.
  • Front Mount Adhesive
    Front mount adhesive is made from 7 mil vinyl with a non-repositionable adhesive. Reverse-printed, it has a white backing to make your customer's vinyl graphics really pop!
  • Frosted Vinyl
    Frosted vinyl provides privacy while still allowing light through. It's made using a 4.7 mil frosted polyester film.
  • Glass Apeel
    Glass Apeel is a water-resistant polypropylene sheet that is available in clear or a white block-out option. It's repositionable, removable, reusable, and won't fade for a year!
  • panoRama Walk&Wall™
    Designed for short-term solutions, panoRama Walk&Wall™ is a printable, textured matte vinyl backed with fabric for dimensional stability and strength, and coated with a clear adhesive.
  • Photo Tex
    Photo Tex is perfect for textured walls indoors. It's made from 5 mil white polyester with a permanent adhesive.
  • Photo Tex Ex High Tack
    Photo Tex EX High Tack is the same as regular Photo Tex but with a much stronger adhesive.
  • Reflective Adhesive Vinyl
    Perfect for smooth, flat-surface application, reflective adhesive vinyl is printed in full color on reflective white 4 mil vinyl. A great way to get your message out with enhanced visibility and great for applications where safety is concerned.
  • Stickers
    Great for indoor or outdoor use, full color, adhesive vinyl stickers with optional die cutting and weeding, are an economical and highly versatile choice to display your message.
  • Translucent Vinyl
    Ideal for permanent signage applied to illuminated substrates, translucent vinyl is perfect for backlit signs, bus displays and any other application requiring back lighting.
  • TwoWay Vision
    Effectively display a full color, window display graphic on both sides using the TwoWay Vision white prism technology that transmits ambient light through the film to product vibrant translucent colors day or night.
  • Window Cling
    Window cling allows your customers to quickly and easily change their messaging. They're printed on 7.5 mil clear static cling vinyl and can be carefully removed and repositioned.
  • Window Perf (Exterior Mount)
    Window perf (exterior mount) is made from 5.5 mil vinyl with 30%- or 40%-perforated adhesive that allows an unobstructed view from inside.
  • Window Perf (Interior Mount - Clear)
    Window perf (interior mount - clear) is printed on a white underbase with a black backer for stunning vinyl graphics! It uses a 5.5 mil 40%-perforated adhesive vinyl.

Note: All adhesive products are printed single sided in full color on white vinyl unless otherwise noted.

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