Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Businesses are reopening in the wake of the global pandemic, but things aren't exactly back to normal yet. Most businesses need to follow special health department requirements if they want to reopen. Enforcing social distancing and face mask rules are often the price they must pay for receiving permission to operate. However, it's nearly impossible to enforce those rules without large, clear COVID-19 posters and signs to act as guidelines and reminders. There's no doubt that printing coronavirus signs for businesses will be around for a while!

Do You Have Clients in Need of IMPORTANT Signage or Other Print Materials Related to the Novel Coronavirus?

Your clients may need signs reminding their customers and employees of the most current rules and encouraging them to follow recommended practices. Fortunately, Sharper Printing can print eye-catching poster designs and durable, indoor/outdoor signs which fit all our wholesale customers' needs. Whatever COVID-19 signage your customers need to reopen, we can provide it quickly and at an affordable wholesale price that allows room for a generous mark-up.

Examples of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Signs We Can Provide:

  • Do you have any of these symptoms?
  • Find Social Distancing Resources Here
  • Wash Your Hands Frequently
  • Remember to not touch your face!
  • Face Masks Required
  • Please Stay 6' Apart
  • No crowding, please!
  • Maximum Of 25 Customers Allowed In At One Time
  • Please Wait Here Until Called
  • Sanitize Your Workspace

Other Coronavirus-Related Signage We Can Provide:

Struggling businesses trying to survive after months of closures need to attract customers in a hurry! Fortunately, our attractive full-color flags and yard signs can provide the bright pops of color that will help customers find those newly reopened cafés, coffee shops, barbershops, hair salons, and other small businesses. These advertising materials are a favorite among large retailers and chain restaurants. After all, businesses of any size need every customer they can get at this stage!

Once inside a business, our large, colorful floor graphics can indicate where customers should stand while waiting in line for their turn. Large, "Thank you to our essential employees!" signs can boost employee morale and may even remind customers to be patient with hardworking employees as they face new barriers.

Wayfinding signs can help direct users to new park pathways or hiking trails established to enable social distancing. Flags can help keep people on unfamiliar trails or direct them to water fountains or open restrooms when they're approaching from a strange direction. Signs are a helpful way to communicate important reminders to maintain social distancing even when outdoors.

Why Choose Sharper Printing For Your COVID-19 Signage Needs?

  • We're focused on offering top-notch customer service for all of our wholesale customers.
  • Being a loyal business partner is very important to us. That's why we operate on a strictly B2B basis.
  • Our low wholesale prices help keep your costs down, so you have room for an adequate markup. We're proud to help you improve your profit margin.
  • State-of-the-art equipment lets us offer the highest-quality printing and exceptional turnaround times.
  • We're proud to maintain a 5-star Google review rating!

Getting Started

Your retail customers are waiting, so let's help you get started on fulfilling their coronavirus printing needs right away! Browse our selection of custom signage products to find those that best fit your needs. We offer a wide array of printed products to suit any of your customer's signage needs.

If you're not already a member, visit our New Client Registration page. You'll need to create a verified wholesale customer account before you can proceed to checkout. Once you're verified, you'll see the wholesale pricing for each product! At Sharper Printing, we're strictly a B2B trade printer, and we are absolutely committed to our wholesale customers. That's why you won't see any prices until your status as a wholesale buyer is confirmed. Already registered? Login to start shopping!

If you have any questions about printing Coronavirus (COVID-19) signs, please don't hesitate to contact our team of experts.