Luxury Retractable Banner Stand


Printed single-sided and full-color in high resolution, our luxury retractable banner stand is a simple, yet versatile way to convey your message. Using durable 13-ounce vinyl or non-curl pop-up film, these banner stands are great for all types of indoor events. The luxury retractable banner stand measures 33” width x 81” height and includes a sturdy, stylish chrome-finish base and travel case. The adjustable stand tilts to three positions – 30-degrees forward, vertical, and 30-degrees backward.

Substrate: 13 oz. Vinyl or Non-Curl Pop-up Film
Color:  Printed Full Color: Single Sided
Safety Margins:  For all your graphics to show properly:
Top: 1"
Bottom: 3"
Size:  33" width x 81" height

The safety / mounting margin for printing is 1” from the top and 3” from the bottom.

Job Specifications

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