Frosted Vinyl

$12.00 per artwork

Privacy and versatility are two main advantages to using frosted vinyl glass film. Printed single sided, full color and high resolution on 4.7 mil polyester film, the frosted glass material allows light to enter but also grants privacy and provides an appealing background for images and text. Additionally, frosted glass film can be used unprinted and die cut for a touch of elegance at a fraction of the cost of actual etched glass.

Substrate:  4.7 mil Frosted Cast Polyester Film
Color:  Optional Printed Full Color: Single Sided
Die Cutting:  Select a die cutting option if you need your material cut to a custom shape.

Printed color will look darker than the artwork provided because of the clear material being used. Once the backing is removed and the product is installed the colors will look closer to what has been provided. Please note, this adhesive vinyl printing material is not 100% clear and will be slightly visible when installed on clear substrate.

Job Specifications

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