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Our tube displays are perfect for trade show booths, photo backdrops, and much more, these tension fabric display systems set up in a flash. Dye-sublimated in full-color, the 8.8-ounce Polyester tension fabric panel has pole pockets sewn in, and the sturdy, lightweight tube display stands use telescoping 1.625” poles that allow them to adjust to certain sizes. These tube displays are portable and come with a handy travel case.


Substrate: 8.8 oz. Polyester Tension Fabric

Color: Printed full color on one side  

NOTE:  Your invoice will have 2 sizes listed:  Display size is the correct size that you ordered


Back Drop- Large Tube is portable and ideal for a background display for trade show booths and photo shoots.


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  • 8 x 8 ' 

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