Xanita Board

$12.00 per artwork

Cut and shaped into anything imaginable, Xanita board is sustainable engineered closed-cell fibreboard made from fibres recovered from recycled, cardboard boxes. This versatile material is extraordinarily durable and lighter weight than other comparable fibreboards. Completely resin-free and non-toxic, Xanita board has a much higher crush-strength than fibreboards that use a honeycomb pattern. This incredible substate is perfect for creating tables, chairs, enclosures and other designs for trade shows, events and exhibitions.

Substrate:  Xanita Board
Color:  Printed Full Color: Single-sided
Routing:  The option to cut your sign into an attractive, custom shape.
Let our qualified designers help you brainstorm a Xanita board design that works to advertise your business.

Job Specifications

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