TwoWay Vision

$12.00 per artwork

Effectively display a full color, window display graphic on both sides using the TwoWay Vision white prism technology that transmits ambient light through the film to product vibrant translucent colors day or night. This adhesive film lights up during the day with sunlight and can be backlit with interior lights throughout the night. Durable for both interior and exterior window graphics, this stunning technology can be viewed from both sides without the need for white ink. Efficient for retail store fronts, corporate environments, and restaurants with flat or slightly curved glass surfaces.

Substrate:  5 mil Calendared, Glossy, PVC Adhesive Film
Color:  Printed Full Color
Front or Reverse Side Printing Vinyl Printing on Glass: Print your image on the front side with adhesive on the back, or print the image backwards (reverse) so the adhesive is on the front. Reverse side printing allows for your image to be placed on the inside of a window or other transparent surface.
Die Cutting:  Select a die cutting option if you need your material cut to a custom shape for your perforated signs.

Be sure your glass surface is dry, has been cleaned, and is free of dust and debris prior to application of Two Way Vision. The vinyl cannot be removed and repositioned once they have been applied to a surface.

Job Specifications

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