Extremely durable, scratch resistant, fabric floor material that doesn't need lamination. Available in low tac for smooth, indoor surfaces and high tac for rough, outdoor surfaces. FloorAppeal is excellent for short term applications.

Substrate:  Adhesive Vinyl
Color:  Printed Full Color: Single Sided
Low Tac:  Excellent for smooth, indoor surfaces, such as: metal and plastic laminates, wood, linoleum and tile.
High Tac:  Perfect for rough, outdoor surfaces, such as: asphalt, concrete, paving stone, brick, untreated natural stone and fabric carpets.
Die Cutting: Select a die cutting option if you need your material cut to a custom shape.

Always remove any solid particles, i.e. dirt/dust, insect parts, etc. and clean surface thoroughly before applying.

Artwork:  The PDF image that you upload should be the size of your finished product.
Proofing:  We require that a client review and approve a PDF proof before printing. Hardcopy proofs are available by special request.
File Format:  We recommend saving your final artwork as a PDF.
Other Accepted File Formats Include:  JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, EPS, CDR, PSD, or AI.
Mass Data Merges:  Please send a spreadsheet in one of the following formats (XLS, XLSX, ODS, CSV, or TSV) for a mass data merge.
Bleed:  For artwork that extends to the cut line – add 1/4” to each edge with a bleed.
Safety Margin:  Please keep text and logos at least 1/4” from all edges of the artwork.
Die Cut:  For artwork that requires a die cut – add a vector layer with the die cut to the artwork.
Resolution:  Artwork must be at least 300 DPI or higher.

Job Specifications

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