If you're looking for a place to purchase banners at wholesale prices for your clients, look no further! At Sharper Printing, we're dedicated to providing the best wholesale banner printing services to our reseller market. In fact, if you're looking for any kind of promotional trade printing for your customers, we may be able to help.

Custom printed wholesale banners are commonly used at events, trade shows, and during promotions. They're also useful as exit/entry or other informational signs and to provide product details. Whatever your clients need, we can provide the wholesale banner or sign printing to match it.

We offer the following types of banners:

  • Backlit banners are custom printed on sturdy 15 oz. translucent vinyl. These full color, single-sided banners are best used at night with a lightbox. Because of the high print density, they'll appear unusually dark without a lightbox to showcase them. With a lightbox, they're simply stunning! You will capture a potential client or customer's attention with backlit graphics that 'come to life' at night.
  • If your customer needs an outdoor banner that can withstand heavy winds, our durable mesh banners are just the thing. We'll print your custom art in full, vivid color on one side of 10-ounce, vinyl mesh that's 30% perforated to let the wind pass through without ripping. Mesh banners are hemmed on all sides as additional protection from wind and have grommets in each corner and every 2' for a secure display. We also provide a variety of pole pocket options. Need a double-sided mesh banner for a street fair or fundraiser? No problem!
  • The 13 oz. banners are printed on 13 oz. vinyl that's hemmed all the way around. This vinyl is sturdy enough for outdoor use, and we can add optional wind slits if needed. We print your custom artwork in full color on one side. There are grommets in the corners and every 2' in between or you can choose a custom grommet layout. Optional pole pockets are also available.
  • Sharper Printing's 18 oz. custom vinyl banners are available in two heights: up to 54" high and, for those wanting to go really big, over 54" high. Specifications are the same as for the 13 oz. banners, with two exceptions. These banners are made from heavier 18 oz. vinyl which is even better for outdoor use and, after hemming, the maximum finished height on the shorter banner is 52".

Wholesale promotional products you purchase from Sharper Printing are high quality, available in various sizes, customizable to your needs, printed in full color, and (usually) available either single or double sided. We pride ourselves on our great customer service, efficient turnaround, and unique variety of products. It doesn't hurt that our fantastic wholesale banner printing features equally fantastic wholesale prices!

Contact us to find out why we are your absolute best choice for wholesale regular and large format printing. We can print almost anything, so don't hesitate to ask one of our customer support representatives or check us out on Facebook to see some examples.