MagnetIC AdVERTISING WITH Sharper Printing

Your customers may wonder what magnetic car signs can do for their business. Well, they can help establish a company presence. Coordinated signage at their place of business, on their vehicles, on a website, and throughout other advertising will draw attention to their business. Seeing a brand in multiple places all over town gives it credibility and helps build trust among future customers.

Our custom and personalized car magnets are full-color, long-lasting ads that don't come with the recurring cost of ads in the newspaper, on the radio, or television. Instead, your customers will pay for these durable signs once and reap the benefits for a long time to come!

Think of them as moving billboards for your customer's company. Instead of static signs in a few locations, car magnets go wherever their vehicles go. Whether they have a single vehicle or a whole fleet, car magnets let their advertising dollars cover a lot of ground! The more often business signs are seen, the more people will recognize and remember that business.

Since business vehicles tend to travel from one end of town to the other, magnetic signs are an effective, budget-friendly advertising option. If your customer's company vehicles travel out of town, magnetic advertising can spread their company name even farther!

When you invest in car magnet printing from Sharper Printing, both you and your customers will benefit from our low wholesale prices. Economical advertising that covers a lot of ground? Sounds like a perfect business advertising solution, doesn't it?

Sharper Printing magnet options include:

  • Car Magnets
    Printed single-sided in full color and high resolution on white 30 mil high energy, magnetic vinyl, the durable car magnets display your message anywhere and anytime on the streets and around the city.
  • Small Magnets
    Printed single-sided in full color and high resolution on white 30 mil high energy, magnetic vinyl, the durable, small magnets effectively display your message on refrigerators, cars, filing cabinets, or anywhere there is magnetic metal.

Quality Car Magnet Printing at Sharper Printing

When ordering custom and personalized car magnets for your customers, you'll appreciate our wholesale prices, quality work, and quick turnaround. We've invested in state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to quickly and accurately produce the magnetic vinyl printing your customers will love. Our focus is on providing our trading partners with quality wholesale products and excellent customer service.

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