H-Stakes Heavy Duty


For use with coroplast yard signs, these 10” width x 30” height, 9 gauge galvanized steel stakes push into the ground and insert into the vertical flutes of the corrugated signs. Order your custom-printed wholesale yard signs from Sharper Printing for unmatched quality and customer service.

Material:  Metal Stakes for Yard Signs

An easy and very economical way to display your yard signs.

Heavy Duty Yard Sign Stakes

Our heavy duty yard sign stakes make for the perfect addition to any wholesale printing order for custom yard signs. Manufactured out of 9-gauge galvanized steel, these sturdy H-stakes provide an optimum foundation and stable support for coroplast yard signs. Straightforward and simple to use, your customers will have no trouble setting up their corrugated signs around town. Simply push the galvanized steel stakes into the ground, insert the top stakes into the vertical flutes of the coroplast yard sign, and you’re all set.
Custom yard signs printed on 10mm coroplast are perfect for convenient, budget-friendly advertising. From yard sales and events to home listings and rental announcements, your customers will be happy to know that their new signs will continue to stand tall—even during harsh weather. Eliminate the need to drive around looking for lost signs after a blustery day. Our heavy duty yard sign stakes will keep your customer’s advertising efforts upright and in place when the harsh winds blow. Designed with a thicker, studier gauge, these yard stakes won’t be going anywhere.

Why Choose Sharper Printing for Custom Yard Signs and Heavy Duty H-Stakes?

Specializing in wholesale printing and focused on providing high-quality products, our team at Sharper Printing is dedicated to making your life easier. We are keen on making sure that you have the opportunity to add markups and increase your profit margins, as well as have access to quick turnaround times. If you’re ready to place your order of wholesale yard signs, make sure you grab enough heavy duty H-stakes to support them. Register online or sign into your Sharper Printing account to take advantage of the best deals and wholesale pricing. At Sharper Printing, we place high importance on customer service and we’d be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have—just ask!


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