3mm Max Metal Full Sheets

Provided artwork with the dimensions of 48" x 96" and below is acceptable. Final design does not need to be exactly 48" x 96".

Printed single or double-sided in full-color and high resolution, the 3mm Max Metal is extremely durable, waterproof, and UV safe. Created with two sheets of aluminum bonded to a solid polystyrene core, it will fit most display stands or frames and is ideal for long-term indoor or outdoor use.

Substrate:  3mm Max Metal
Color:  Printed Full Color: Single or Double Sided
Routing: Choose this option to route your artwork into custom shapes and create holes for mounting the signs.
Dry Erase Laminate:  Provides your project with a permanent message and a changeable writing area.
Commercial Grade Dry Erase Laminate:  A 2-mil clear polyester laminate with a high performance hard coated engineered surface. The scratch and abrasion resistant polyester film is coated with a permanent solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on a smooth paper liner. This film works well with quality dry erase markers and its anti-graffiti properties allows for easy removal of permanent markers and crayons.
Laminate:  Protects the graphics from abrasion, moisture and other environmental exposures - 3 mil thickness.
Styrene is suitable for outdoor events, restaurants, malls, and many more applications.

Job Specifications

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