Window Perf (Exterior Mount)

$12.00 per artwork

Our Exterior Mount Window Perf Vinyl is perfect for the exterior side of glass, displaying your full-color message on the outside, while providing an unobstructed view from the inside. Printed on 5.5 mil calendared 30% or 40%-perforated window vinyl allows those outside to see your design, and is see-through from the inside. It’s great for use in vehicle advertising and for storefront display.

Substrate:  5.5 mil Calendared Vinyl 40% Perforated Adhesive
Color:  Printed Full Color
Die Cutting:  Select a die cutting option if you need your material cut to a custom shape for your perforated signs.
Size:  Window Perfs over 52" will be 2 pieces.

Be sure your glass surface has been cleaned and is free of dust and debris prior to application of window perf vinyl. The vinyl cannot be removed and repositioned once they have been applied to a surface.
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Window Perf (Exterior Mount)

When it comes to exterior building advertising, perforated window vinyl is a go-to favorite. For your clients that have just moved into a new building, they may want to advertise their new location prior to opening, and exterior-mounted window perf is a great way to do just that. Window perf vinyl is a form of adhesive vinyl printing and often thought of as see-through vinyl or one-way vision film because of its unique feature of evenly spaced holes spread throughout the film during the manufacturing process. Graphics are printed onto one side of the perforated window film and the adhesive side is applied to exterior windows for advertising or storefront displays. The holes in the perforated signs allow customers on the inside to see through the windows while keeping advertisements vibrant for passersby on the street. Not only is exterior-mounted window perf great for advertising, but it also helps to block out unwanted sun or reflections from other buildings in the area.
Perforated window vinyl has varying vinyl-to-hole ratios, for different applications. If visibility is a concern (e.g. on car windows) you may want to consider opting for the 40% vinyl in which the perforated sign is manufactured with 40% holes and 60% printed space. If visibility is not a major concern, many clients will opt for the adhesive perforated vinyl with a higher print capacity—a ratio of 30% holes to 70% printed space. This usually allows the graphics to be a little more vibrant and enticing to passersby.

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