Square Base

The square base is only available for angled, convex
and teardrop flags with a standard pole.
The square base offers a durable solution to mounting feather flags. Don't let your custom flags blow away or fall over in harsh weather. Choose from a varitey of flag hardware options to secure your advertising!

Material:  Black powder coated iron
Size:  19.7" width x 19.7" depth x 6" height
Weight:  30 lbs.
Hardware:  Includes square base, flag mount, nuts and bolts

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

No art work needed for this product.

Wholesale Flag Square Base
So, you’ve designed or had a graphic designer design your feather flag for your business. It’s arrived, and you want to know how to secure it and keep it from falling over. You want to ensure that you get the most out of your new flag, so it’s important that it remains upright in a dependable base. Ground stakes are common, but they won’t work well on a hard surface like concrete or tile. For that, the best option is buying a wholesale flag square base. Just like the name suggests, this flag holder hardware is square and manufactured out of sturdy steel. This flat flag base sits flush on the floor or ground and has a screw that screws securely into the flagpole, providing extra security against the wind.
If you’re placing your flag in an area that is prone to high winds, or strong weather, you may want to consider weighing down your flag square base with a water bag. The flag base water bag can be filled to add extra weight of up to 23 pounds to the flag holder hardware. This substantial weight increase can help you be better prepared for sudden wind gusts, downpours, or snowstorms, and keep your custom-printed feather flags upright through the worst of it. Check out our Flag Hardware page for even more options.

Why Choose Sharper Printing for Flag Holder Hardware?
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