Wholesale CUSTOM FLAG PRINTING at Sharper Printing

Sharper Printing has a wide variety and selection of wholesale custom flags! If you're a reseller looking for custom flag printing for a business or event, we can create a flag your client will be proud to use for advertising purposes.

Custom wholesale and advertising flags draw attention wherever they're used. Some popular uses include roadside advertising, outdoor events like street fairs and Farmer's Markets, conventions, for marking paths, and at trade shows. No matter your customers' needs, we have the right flag for them at the wholesale printing prices everyone will love!

Our custom flag printing is completely customizable, offering many different sizes, and flags will be printed in full color to ensure the highest quality. We even guarantee the color not to fade for a full 18 months! All but the pole flags arrive complete with a flexible pole and a ground stake, so they can get to work drawing a crowd right away. We also have other durable and sturdy flag hardware, such as optional bases, that your customers might need.

Sharper Printing WHOLESALE ADVERTISING FLAG options include:

  • Angled Feather Flags
    Angled Feather Flags come in a range of sizes from 9 foot to 18 foot and are available as either single-sided or double-sided full-color polyester flags. You can choose the base that best fits your client's advertising needs.
  • Convex Feather Flags
    Convex Feather Flags, available in a range of sizes from 9 foot to 18 foot, these full color polyester flags can be printed single or double-sided. Choose the base option that best fits the advertising needs of your client.
  • Econo Feather Flags
    Econo Feather Flags are printed on a single side of the polyester material. 'Economy' describes their price, not their attractiveness or durability!
  • Pole Flags
    Sharper Printing's Pole Flags are available in 2 different finishes: pole finish or poster finish. They're scratch-resistant, washable, and carry our standard 18-month color guarantee. Your customers can fly their logo with pride when you order a custom pole flag for them.
  • Rectangular Feather Flags
    A rectangular flag shape allows for plenty of information printed in full, vibrant color! It's the perfect way for your customers to share their marketing message where it can be seen.
  • Teardrop Feather Flags
    Our Teardrop Flags have that unusual shape that draws second glances - exactly what retailers love! They're available either single-sided or double-sided (2 full-color flags sewn together around blackout material).

Why choose CUSTOM FLAG PRINTING from Sharper Printing?

At Sharper Printing, we aren't just trade printers—we strive to be the best advertising flag wholesale printer for your clients. We value your business and want to surpass your expectations with our range of products, affordable prices, exceptional quality, efficient turnaround, and fantastic customer service.

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