Adhesive Vinyl

For artwork below 12 inches by 12 inches,
please order from STICKERS

$12.00 per artwork

Great for indoor or outdoor use, full color, custom adhesive sign vinyl with optional die cutting and weeding, makes it an economical and highly versatile choice to spread your message. Printed on 3.5 mil white vinyl film with permanent adhesive, the vinyl adheres well to glass or non-textured surfaces such as smooth walls. Sharper Printing provides custom wholesale vinyl printing to affordable prices.

Substrate:  3.4 mil white Vinyl film with Permanent Adhesive
Color:  Printed Full Color: Single Sided
Adhesive Colors:  When placed on a transparent surface, such as a window, the clear adhesive will allow some light to pass through and artwork on the other side of the window may be visible. In comparison, black adhesive will block light from passing through and artwork on the opposite side will not be viewable.
Die Cutting:  Select a die cutting option if you need your material cut to a custom adhesive sign shape.
Commercial Grade Dry Erase Laminate:  A 2-mil clear polyester laminate with a high performance hard coated engineered surface. The scratch and abrasion resistant polyester film is coated with a permanent solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on a smooth paper liner. This film works well with quality dry erase markers and its anti-graffiti properties allows for easy removal of permanent markers and crayons.
Gloss, Matte, and Luster Laminate:  Protects the graphics from abrasion, moisture and other environmental exposures - 3 mil thickness.
UV Laminate:  A permanent, acrylic adhesive, gloss laminate that is designed to protect digital artwork from potentially damaging exposures such as UV degradation, moisture, and abrasion.

Always remove any solid particles, i.e. dirt/dust, insect parts, etc. and clean surface thoroughly before applying. The adhesive sign vinyl cannot be removed and repositioned once it has been applied to a surface.
Interested in other potential adhesive vinyl sign options? Here at Sharper Printing, we have a wide variety of Wholesale Vinyl Printing product styles to choose from!

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